Nelson Police Department Partners with DMI to Revolutionize Patrol Operations


Toronto, May 1, 2024 – The Nelson Police Department proudly announces its strategic collaboration with Digital Mobility Inc. (DMI) to implement the Intelligent Mobile Patrol (IMP) eNotes solution, revolutionizing patrol operations and fortifying community safety measures.
Through this groundbreaking partnership, the Nelson Police Department will harness the power of DMI’s eNotes platform, enriched with the proprietary Braidmark security feature. This innovative integration ensures the integrity and authenticity of notes and evidence captured within the IMP system, providing unparalleled security and accountability exclusive to DMI’s solutions.
Incorporating Braidmark into the IMP solution represents a pioneering advancement in law enforcement technology. This patented security feature not only safeguards officer notes and evidence but also enables immediate authentication, bolstering trust in the accuracy and reliability of patrol documentation.
Deputy Chief Raj Saini of the Nelson Police Department expressed unwavering confidence in this collaborative endeavour, stating, “Our partnership with DMI to introduce electronic notes is an exciting endeavour.  We believe it will increase operational efficiency, while reducing officer workload.”
DMI’s eNotes platform, fortified with Braidmark security, offers a seamless and intuitive interface designed to optimize officer productivity and foster real-time collaboration among team members. Officers can securely capture crucial information, including images and audio recordings, knowing that the integrity of their notes is preserved through Braidmark.
We are thrilled to welcome the Nelson Police Department as the latest addition to our growing family of law enforcement partners,” remarked Dean Wood, Chief Product Officer of DMI. “By integrating Braidmark into our IMP solution, we are setting a new standard for data integrity and authenticity in patrol operations. We look forward to supporting the Nelson Police Department in their mission to enhance public safety and build trust within their community.
The adoption of IMP eNotes, underscores the Nelson Police Department’s commitment to leveraging innovative technology to meet the evolving challenges of law enforcement in the modern era. By embracing this state-of-the-art solution, the department aims to optimize operational efficiency, strengthen evidentiary integrity, and ultimately, cultivate a safer environment for all stakeholders.
About Nelson Police Department:
The Nelson Police Department is dedicated to serving and protecting the citizens of Nelson with integrity, professionalism, and respect. Committed to fostering community partnerships and employing best practices in law enforcement, the department strives to enhance public safety and quality of life for all residents.
About Digital Mobility Inc.:
Digital Mobility Inc. (DMI) is a public safety-focused digital solutions provider, offering innovative technologies to the public safety sectors.   With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to ethical business practices, DMI strives to make a positive impact on society through the responsible use of technology.
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