The Toronto-based company Digital Mobility Inc. (DMI) specializes in eNotes and tailored, scalable public safety ICT solutions.

In order to modernize agencies, harness the potential of data, prevent errors, save time, and cut costs, we work hard to deliver our clients with time-saving, dependable, transparent, and accurate digital solutions. resulting in accelerated inquiries and the facilitation of the disclosure procedure.

Our flagship product, Intelligent Mobile Patrol (IMP), is a cross-platform solution to modernize and streamline frontline Police officers’ duty book note-taking into eNotes.


Public Safety Software & eNotes


In order to bring decades of expertise and create the ideal solution for each public safety sector, DMI has assembled a team of retired and active specialists from a variety of public safety agencies.

Public Safety

Solutions are designed by Police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and other professionals—both active and retired.


Team of Canadian software developers and engineers offering top-notch service to clients


Prosecution specialists to make sure all products adhere to legal criteria

Customized Solutions

With solutions that are scalable and adaptable to each agency, DMI takes a very distinctive approach. We are aware that every organization and municipality has unique needs and system integrations. This is why our staff is there every step of the way to make sure the solution is suited to the needs of your agency.

Our solutions can fully integrate with any other system, including but not limited to CAD, RMS, Scheduling, DAR, DEMS, MCM, Inventory, Future NG911, Business intelligence, and Court Disclosure.


Cost Reduction & Increased Efficiencies

Our solutions are designed to increase frontline workers’ productivity while lowering expenses through digitalization and integrations.

As an illustration, moving to our eNotes solution can often result in an annual savings of $850,000 for a modest police agency with 200 officers.

Larger law enforcement organizations can easily save $6,000,000.00 annually.

Our Solutions

Public Safety Tech Solutions & eNotes

Digital Notebook

a total package that includes CAD and RMS integration. allowing cops to collaborate smoothly across platforms and devices

Investigator Casenotes

This technology gives investigators quick access to intelligence and all necessary tools right at their fingertips for case notes

Electronic Tickets

IMP eTicket, a component of the eNotes ecosystem, offers officers ticketing features and HTA templates.

By-Law Solution

For by-law officers, a complete eNotes and eTicket solution. delivering orders and tickets for municipal and provincial offences

Patent-Pending Technology

BRAIDMARK®, a component of all of our products, completely safeguards and makes evidence and documents transparent.

Asset Management

Our Armourer Solution offers inventory and maintenance tools for Armourers with integration capabilities to IMP eNotes.

Fire Rescue

This technology, which is a part of the IMP ecosystem, gives paramedics and firemen access to eNotes and EPCR capabilities.

SAR Solution

Intelligent Mobile Patrol SAR is designed to offer eNotes, EPCR, and Asset Management features to SAR operators.

Customer & Officer Solution

Solution for officers and administrative staff as well as a platform for the public to schedule paid duty services

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“York Regional Police continues to be provincial and national leaders in utilizing the latest technology to modernize our police service and create efficiencies for officers that ultimately benefit our community. We’re pleased to partner with DMI on this innovative solution, which transforms our current paper-based process”. 

Jim MacSween

Chief of York Regional Police

Patent-Pending Security

A patent-pending security feature called BRAIDMARK® was first developed as part of DMI’s mobile application IMP (Intelligent Mobile Patrol) to safeguard police records and enable instant courtroom authentication.

BRAIDMARK® is made for a variety of uses, including credit reports, pay stubs, court documents, legal documents, financial documents, and more.

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