DMI Announcing new Digital Products at the 2022 Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

The new products are in addition to its eNotes solution Intelligent Mobile Patrol (IMP) for Police

QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC, CANADA, August 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Digital Mobility Inc. (DMI), a public safety software company is announcing updated features and products to its line of law enforcement solutions.

After being the first company in Canada to successfully start implementation of a complete eNotes solution with unique and patent-pending features for law enforcement, DMI is on its way to introducing new enhanced features into its Intelligent Mobile Patrol (IMP) solution.

In addition to modernizing the 150 year old note-taking process for frontline Police officers and Investigators, DMI is announcing three new products to improve the digital workflow. All these products are developed with the capability of full customization per each agency using them. Similar to the customization capabilities of IMP eNotes.

As an additional feature to IMP eNotes, or as a stand-alone solution, vNotes provides Police officers the capability of documenting their notes entirely on video.

eNotes Redaction
As an additional feature to IMP eNotes, the redaction tool provides an enhanced digital environment for officers, investigators and the crown’s office to easily and securely redact information on documents disclosed to the courts.

Inventory & Maintenance Tracking Solution is a comprehensive tool that integrates with existing asset management tools via the IMP eNotes solution, and as a stand-alone solution for Police agencies to manage their operational equipment.

About Intelligent Mobile Patrol (IMP)
Developed by officers and for officers, IMP is a turnkey solution to help law enforcement officers with all of their duties. The software was conceived and designed by a group of both active and retired Canadian law enforcement officers.

Using IMP, the cumbersome procedure of note-taking is transformed from the clunky and error-prone process to a smooth and secure workflow.

Furthermore, thanks to cutting-edge technology evidential integrity is maintained from the moment of a violation to the presentation of evidence at trial.

About Digital Mobility Inc.
Digital Mobility Inc. is a public safety software development company based in Toronto, Canada. The company specializes in customized tools for law enforcement, EMS, and other public safety agencies.