York Regional Police Podcast Discusses eNotes

In a recent installment of the “Dispatches” podcast (episode 3) by the York Regional Police, members from the service discuss diverse approaches through which the police department is enhancing its operational efficiency and fostering public confidence using technological advancements. A focal point of this episode is the integration of Intelligent Mobile Patrol (IMP) eNotes, a […]

DMI Supports Industry Leaders in Private Security

A three part investigative report published by TIME magazine in May of 2023 announced that “private security guards are replacing police across America,”[1] and cites FBI data which states that “nationally, the number of sworn officers dropped 7% between 2019 and 2021”[2] while the number of security guards employed by private firms has exploded.  According […]

Carbon Emission Avoidance Analysis for IMP eNotes

DMI’s culture places a strong emphasis on corporate responsibility towards the environment. The company understands the significance of sustainable practices and strives to develop digital solutions that maximize their positive impact on the environment. One such example is the Intelligent Mobile Patrol (IMP) eNotes, which underwent a Carbon Emission Avoidance Analysis conducted by a third-party […]

eNotes Advantages in Response to the Mass Casualty Commission Report´s Recommendations

April 10, 2023 INTELLIGENT MOBILE PATROL®  On March 30, 2023, the Mass Casualty Commission delivered its final report on the April 18-19, 2020 mass casualty in Nova Scotia.  The report included meaningful recommendations to help make communities safer in the future.  The importance of proper note taking by officers is repeatedly highlighted in this report.  […]

Sheridan integrating Intelligent Mobile Patrol software into its public safety curriculum

College will help prepare the next generation of police officers with the latest eNotes technology Toronto, Ontario, Canada – March 16, 2023 Digital Mobility Inc. (DMI), a Canadian public safety software company, is proud to announce that it has been selected as the successful vendor to provide Sheridan College with its innovative, next generation Digital […]

Best Practices for Law Enforcement Note Taking – and Why it Doesn’t Happen

One of the many duties of front line officers, whether they work in law enforcement, Bylaw, EMS, Fire, or private security, is the requirement to keep accurate and timely notes of their actions and their interactions with the public. Most, if not all, law enforcement organizations have policies and procedures related to note taking. Many […]

DMI is set to showcase its digital solutions at the World Police Summit in Dubai

Hosted by Dubai Police between March 7 – 9 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Center, UAE Toronto, Ontario, Canada – January 31, 2023 Digital Mobility Inc. (DMI), a Canadian public safety software company is proud to announce its attendance at the World Police Summit between March 7-9, 2023 in Dubai, UAE, hosted by Dubai […]

DMI is announced as an exhibitor sponsor at the Police Tech Conference & Expo

Hosted by The Canadian Institute between February 28 – March 1 2023 in Toronto. Toronto, Ontario, Canada – January 27, 2023 Digital Mobility Inc. (DMI), a public safety software company is proud to announce its exhibitor sponsorship at the Police Tech Conference & Expo between February 28 – March 1, 2023 in Toronto, hosted by […]

Current Challenges for Prosecution 

Officer’s notes are the most critical and common part of disclosure that must be provided to the defendant pursuant to their constitutional right to a fair trial (sections 7 and 11(d) of the Charter). If the notes fail to contain adequate information concerning the essential elements of the offence, the prosecutor will have to consider […]

What is a Police notebook anyways?

As recent events indicate (such as the Nova Scotia Mass Casualty Commission), the public’s interest in the notes written by police officers has never been higher, but just what are these notes for, and what exactly is a notebook anyways? A police notebook can take many forms, but in essence it is a log where […]