Intelligent Mobile Patrol

eNotes Bylaw Solution

The Industry Standard for Bylaw & Peace Officers

Your Challenges

  • Lack of a single modern solution for all By-law day-to-day and operation tasks
  • Spending significant time filling out manual forms (ie: Orders, Notices, Inspection Forms), and then photocopying or scanning those forms.
  • Manual note-taking takes an exorbitant amount of time and is often prone to issues such as illegible handwriting.
  • Having to duplicate evidence when transcribing notes to RMS systems
  • Manual Provincial Offences Ticket issuance, takes time and is subject to officer error.
  • Provincial Offences Ticket submission is subject to a 7-day limit to be filed with courts.
  • Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) solutions are often cost-prohibitive and do not provide features to track and compile evidence.
  • Officers spend significant time creating Crown Briefs (gathering and organizing evidence for prosecution) which are required to be disclosed to the defending party.
  • Officers have to use multiple systems to look up information ie: previous case history, ticket history, property information, licensing information etc.
  • Case, ticketing and department statistics often have to be generated manually.

Our Solution

The Intelligent Mobile Patrol By-law application provides a single solution to meet all challenges faced by today’s By-law Departments. Our application modernizes the field by offering industry-leading evidence collection, synchronizing systems and data so that officers are able to find the appropriate information while on the field with ease. By utilizing this information, officers can create customized reports and issue digital and/or printed demand forms such as order and notices which are instantly synchronized with the department’s RMS systems. By utilizing our eTicketing solution, officers have the ability to issue Provincial Offences Notices (Part I) on the field, and export the information to the Integrated Court Offences Network (ICON) in the appropriate local court office. Our eTicketing solution also comes with a comprehensive Administrative Monetary Penalty (AMPS) System that allows the issuance and end-to-end management of AMPS Penalty Notices. Our solutions officers but is not limited to the following solutions:

  • A digital notebook and evidence-gathering solution
  • Create Inspection Reports, Incident Reports
  • Issue customizable demand forms  (Orders and Notices) for all By-law offences
  • Schedule and Manage Appeal of Orders
  • A comprehensive Provincial Offences eTicketing Solution
    • Issue Provincial Offences Notices (Part 1 Notice, and Summons)
    • Digital submission of PON’s to Court Services ICON system
  • An industry-leading Administrative Monetary Penalty (AMPS) System solution:
    • Issue AMPS Tickets
    • Ticket Processing and Payment
    • Code and By-law Enforcement Notices
    • Off-Street Parking Enforcement
    • On-Street Parking Enforcement
    • Towing Automation
    • Digital Chalking / Timing
    • Tickets by Mail
    • Automated License Place Recognition (ALPR)
    • Digital Parking Permit Solution
    • Set and Manage Screening and Hearing Appointments
  • Digital Crown Brief and Disclosure Solution
  • Synchronize all data and evidence with Department’s RMS System (Ei: Amanda, Citywide, Oracle JD Edwards, etc).
  • Start/End Shift Form
  • Digital Permits and License System
  • Driver Licence Scanning
  • Resources (Ie: Links to By-laws, Provincial Statues etc)

Embracing digitalization with IMP eNotes empowers a more agile, secure, and effective municipal bylaw force, strengthening community engagement, trust, and public safety.

Data Security

We recognize that the sensitive nature of the data and operations involved necessitates a comprehensive approach to safeguarding information and ensuring privacy. In this regard, DMI is committed to upholding the highest levels of security and compliance.  We proudly adhere to a range of internationally recognized standards, including ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27001:2022, SOC 2, HIPAA, PHIPA, GDPR, PCI DSS-SAQ A, and CJIS. By adhering to these rigorous security protocols, we assure our clients that their data is protected and that their trust in us is well-placed.

We continuously invest in cutting-edge security measures and practices to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the information entrusted to us.

Data Hosting

IMP eNotes solution is securely tunnelled within the agency’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and integrated with the agency’s Identity Provider (IDP). It employs state-of-the-art encryption to safeguard data integrity. Moreover, it stands out as the sole solution offering clients the flexibility to choose between on-premise hosting and cloud hosting, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.


Next Generation, Multi-layered watermarking, BRAIDMARK’s patented technology revolutionizes document security by weaving intricate patterns into characters, thwarting forgery and fraud. The patent encompasses digital and printed document protection, utilizing blockchain and top-level encryption for maximum safeguarding against tampering and attacks.

BRAIDMARK expedites document authentication in court, streamlining legal procedures and enhancing judicial efficiency.