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Tailor-Made Solutions with Patented
BRAIDMARK® Security Technology

DMI is a prominent software development firm headquartered in Toronto, renowned for its expertise in crafting tailor-made and adaptable solutions for public safety agencies and enterprise clients. 

With a strong focus on customization and scalability, DMI offers innovative software solutions that empower organizations to meet their specific needs effectively. What sets DMI apart is the unmatched level of security it provides through its patented BRAIDMARK® technology. This cutting-edge security system ensures that all solutions developed by DMI are protected against potential threats, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of critical data. 

By harnessing the power of DMI’s solutions, public safety agencies and enterprises are able to streamline their operations, creating more efficient workplaces and ultimately saving lives. In time-sensitive situations where every second counts, DMI’s solutions prove indispensable, providing the necessary tools to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies.


DMI's patented BRAIDMARK security employs advanced encryption, design elements, and blockchain technology to safeguard documents and evidence, preventing tampering and enabling instant authentication for enhanced security and trustworthiness.


DMI specializes in tailoring software solutions to meet individual client needs, seamlessly integrating with existing systems and remaining adaptable for future advancements, ensuring optimal customization and long-term compatibility.


DMI is fully compliant with ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27001:2022, HIPAA, PHIPA, GDPR, PCI/DSS, CJIS, and SOC2


DMI is a Canadian company with a skilled team of developers, proud to develop and maintain technology in Canada to meet the stringent security requirements of public safety and governmental clients.


DMI's advisory board comprises industry experts from various sectors including public safety, government, medical, and judicial domains, ensuring comprehensive expertise and guidance for serving diverse client needs effectively.


DMI is dedicated to developing solutions that prioritize time and cost savings while also delivering positive environmental impacts, ensuring efficiency across all aspects of operations.

Streamlining Operations, Enhancing Security, and Saving Lives

DMI’s ingenious proprietary technology revolutionizes and optimizes front-line workers’ workflow, enhancing security and operational efficiency. The Intelligent Mobile Patrol ecosystem fosters cross-compatibility, seamlessly integrating solutions to harvest data, enhance documentation, and gather evidence effectively. Empowering teams with connectivity and information sharing ensures improved response times and readily accessible critical information. This comprehensive digitalization approach transforms work environments, prioritizing security, efficiency, and optimized workflows.


Law Enforcement
Bylaw Enforcement
Transit Police
Customs & Border
Private Security
Private Investigators
Healthcare Facilities
Private Medics
Mental Health


Search & Rescue Humanitarian Crisis Ministries Military Justice
Animal Control


Public Safety Schools
Crisis Management Schools
Case Workers
Student Management


Oil & Gas
Credit Bureau
Property Assessment




Document Protection
Evidence Protection
Document Authentication

“York Regional Police continues to be provincial and national leaders in utilizing the latest technology to modernize our police service and create efficiencies for officers that ultimately benefit our community. We’re pleased to partner with DMI on this innovative solution, which transforms our current paper-based process”.

Jim MacSween
Chief of York Regional Police

“Sheridan is proudly known as a leader in public safety education when it comes to introducing new technologies such as virtual reality, body-worn cameras and drones. Integrating DMI’s innovative electronic notebook technology into our curriculum is yet another investment in ensuring our students are prepared for public safety careers in a rapidly-changing and complex world.”

Lee Weare
Associate Dean, Sheridan School of Public Safety

“The Township of Guelph/Eramosa strives to become a leader in the modernization of Municipal Law Enforcement. By partnering with DMI, staff will obtain access to an all-encompassing enforcement solution that would offer industry-leading features such as evidence gathering, management, eTicketing, permitting and digital reporting that would allow staff more time to better serve and connect with the community..”

Ivan Lunevski
Title, Township of Guelph/Eramosa

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Origins and Evolution: eNotes for Police

DMI’s remarkable journey began with the creation of “eNotes for Police.” This groundbreaking technology marked our initial foray into the industry and laid the cornerstone for our expansion into various sectors. eNotes revolutionized the way law enforcement agencies managed and shared critical information, setting new standards for operational efficiency and security.

Foundation for Transformation

The success of eNotes formed the bedrock upon which DMI has built its reputation. It has empowered us to extend our expertise and innovation to diverse sectors beyond law enforcement, making us a formidable player in the public safety and enterprise solutions landscape.

Tailor-Made Solutions, Powered by BRAIDMARK® Security

In the pursuit of excellence, DMI’s commitment to customization and scalability remains unwavering. Our solutions are fortified by our patented BRAIDMARK® technology, ensuring impenetrable security for your critical data.

Enhancing Efficiency, Response, and Security

With DMI’s solutions, public safety agencies and enterprises experience streamlined operations, resulting in efficient workplaces that can make a difference during critical moments. Our solutions become essential tools in time-sensitive situations, facilitating rapid and effective responses to emergencies.

Revolutionizing Workflows for Optimal Results

Our proprietary technology optimizes workflows for front-line workers, enhancing security and operational efficiency. The Intelligent Mobile Patrol ecosystem seamlessly integrates solutions, revolutionizing data collection, documentation, and evidence gathering. Improved connectivity and information sharing empower teams, leading to enhanced response times and readily accessible critical information.

Transformational Digitalization

DMI’s comprehensive digitalization approach reshapes work environments, emphasizing security, efficiency, and optimized workflows. Our roots in eNotes for Police continue to drive our commitment to innovation, enabling us to revolutionize public safety and enterprise solutions across sector